rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

A Freedom of Information request reveals that Joe Anderson has been telling repeated fibs about not drawing his full salary as elected mayor.

Tory leader Keith Glazier, having insisted he is worth every penny and more of his £46,740 allowances, pushes though £112m in cuts that will see 200 jobs go.

So. Farewell then to corporate service director Graham Cadle, who put highly paid work the way of a family friend without mentioning the connection.

The Labour councillor who ‘had no idea he needed to pay’ his council tax, yet sits on the audit and governance committee.

Tory leader Kevin Davis takes umbrage when a 17-year-old ‘community activist’ dares to ask about the council’s friendly relations with a developer.

Elected Labour mayor Sir Robin Wales’s reign may be coming to an end as local party members challenge his automatic reselection after four terms.

The council has second thoughts about taking on Adam ‘blink and you’ll miss him’ Wilkinson as interim chief executive.

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