Old Nick Knackered
Satanic Panic, Issue 1452
GROCER INDECENCY? Ravings about former prime minister Sir Edward Heath have now even appeared in the official journal of the European Psychiatric Association
INSPECTOR Knacker has paid a reported £100,000 each to former army chief Lord Bramall and to Lady Brittan, widow of former home secretary Lord Brittan, to atone for the Met’s bungled £2.5m investigation into an alleged Westminster paedophile ring, based on the sole evidence of a complainant known as “Nick” – whom retired judge Sir Richard Henriques found to be a fantasist (see Eyes passim).

Meanwhile, however, former prime minister Sir Edward “Grocer” Heath still stands accused of being part of a Satanic cult which ritually sacrificed 16 babies and children, allegations being investigated by Wiltshire Police’s Operation Conifer. The notion of Grocer Heath as a murderous Satanic paedophile has been freely bandied around the Internet, not least by David Icke. But these ravings are now turning up in more apparently respectable forums.

‘Satanist Cult of Ted Heath’
The Eye has been alerted to an article that appeared last year in the peer-reviewed European Psychiatry, the official journal of the European Psychiatric Association, titled “The Satanist Cult of Ted Heath: Ethical Implications of Authority Compromise”. It was based on a conference paper delivered at the 24th European Congress of Psychiatry in Madrid by Dr Rainer Kurz, a chartered occupational psychologist.

Kurz states the Satanic Grocer scenario as fact to an audience of mainstream psychiatrists and in a peer-reviewed journal – which makes one wonder what respect his peers have for corroborative evidence.

The main source he cites is an Essex body-builder called Chris Spivey, who also believes that the murder of Lee Rigby was a government-organised hoax. Of Spivey’s online post naming 235 supposed members of Heath’s satanic cult, Kurz writes: “No indications were found that would throw the veracity of the document into doubt.” Worthy of Inspector Knacker himself, who announced that “Nick’s” stories were “credible and true” – before they turned out to be, er, nothing of the sort.

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