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Issue 1418
We will after all be offering a number of free places to a bunch of refugee children from Syria.

When I said previously that there was absolutely no way we could do this and it would only encourage more of the beggars to turn up swarming at the school gates, what I meant to say was that CFS prides itself on a long history of charity and we would be delighted to throw our doors open and welcome some of these deserving and highly photogenic youngsters.

I can’t give you exact figures at the moment, but we may admit up to 300 children in the next 4 years or it may be up to 4 children in the next 300 years.

Either way, it’s a tribute to ourselves and in no way a U-turn or a climbdown or a U-climbturndown. It’s just responding to a basic human need – namely, a headmaster’s need to be popular.


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