eye crossword
No. 602 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
7 Fruity thing at heart, Trump messed with Beryl (8)
9 Gnome's energy on screen died away (6)
11 Camp sort of wear? (4,5)
12 See 17ac. 13 Trump's lot – jerks (5)
15 "Strong, stable leader" being deceptive (9)
17/12 "EU dolt yo-yos wildly after commencement of election" – as we predicted in an earlier edition (3,4,3,2)
19 Piss-taking mug drank at ground (7)
20 Radical publication of bloody Lords member stuffed by papers (3,6)
22 Workers group sex act? (5)
24 Might Trump, ultimately, have an obligation to Russian leader? (5)
26 Screw in Fens, a casual place offering protection (4,5)
28 Look into May, dividing social classes, for assurance (6)
29 Book old politician with backing of Right-ousting arsehole (8)

1 'Blue' must out Tony (not working)
2 Tart left in cooler (4)
3 Underwear presented to defenders? (6)
4 See 27dn. 5 Queasy tum in a dither, Cyclops gets enlightened types (10)
6 Sporting a hard-on is function in gender change (8)
8 Hacks need scoop which gives an intrusive view of someone (9)
10 Wit's drugs trip goes weird (6)
14 Trapping Brenda, rogue done good – "good for nothing" (4-2-4)
16 Hack gets prison (put with drug dealer)
17 Currency holder accepts one definitively loss-making Maxwell publication (8)
18 Balls is on the up, with attitude – topple! (6)
21 Fibre fair loosens a fellow inside (6)
23 C'mon, no screwing, chaplain!? (3-3)
25 More bucks for the city (4)
27/4 Stupid, very, to twice opt for May & co (4,4)

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