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No. 534 by Cyclops
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7 London Eye? Move like a queen, tart! (5,3)
8 Fair pissed with Bill's great mass (6)
10 Mole, one with something due shortly by editor? (6)
11 Turned on by giant nuts, getting engaged in suit (8)
12 Fickle celebrity on right deserts – gleefully anticipated by Ukip? (2-8)
14/1/3 Take a benevolent view of Ukip, OK? Only 2/3rds of London is done for (4,6,4)
15 "Scrubber": Times on Brenda (6)
17 Clegg not quite finished yet? Sadly that's a rather fine point (6)
20/25ac. Salmond's first to bear outcome – it's part of the healing process (4,6)
22 Boris-style riposte? "Rollicking saucy books!" (2-3,5)
24 Desires no end to Tory's income (8)
25 See 20ac. 26 Kate's inner development? More by fancy (6)
27 Lamentation: "End Tory fiasco – put hearts into it!" (8)

1 See 14ac. 2 Red-nose star puts convenience before specialities (1,1,6)
3 See 14ac. 4 Be an egg and have sex! (3,4)
5 Get attached, as not often screwed (6,4)
6 L&G involved with Frau Merkel's approach to economics? (6)
9 Maybe Albert would get Cameron's party put in order (7)
13 Having illicit sex and not pulling out (8,2)
16 Alec's changed into skirt – get back! (7)
18 On the lookout for sex and having a good time in the main? (8)
19 Condition of large corporation? (7)
21 Stand for election (rather boring)
and reach the end of the booze (3,3)
23 Ex-president, Conservative, left from Auckland, pissed (6)
25 Sort of politician Blair became: "Right" rather than "New" (4)
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