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No. 523 by Cyclops
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7 Gets rid of crap tutors full of balls (5,3)
8 Mayor getting end away – "no good, dull" (6)
11 Arsehole, one fitted with ring, is a collectable? (5)
12 Skirt etc has to be removed right for Richard Nixon? (9)
13 Party trail to act as a diversion (9)
16 Bloody awful being interrupted by Genesis's no.1 song (5)
17/4 Which is as useless as Richard Branson kitted up for a flight in his Virgin Galactic craft? (1,4,2,1,5,4)
21 Bureaucrats: "terrible leader, Miliband ultimately, on the inside" (5)
22 "Rinsed blue" pitch, which thankfully, is not always entirely taken in by politicians? (3,6)
24 Arse, on getting drink, is 'toast' (7,2)
26 Maybe that of David's seconds should be taken in hand (5)
28 Cigar wafted round Lewinsky's 'entrance' makes your eyes water? (6)
29 Secret piss artist takes drug in Morecambe? (8)

1 Series of events: corpses everywhere (7)
2 See 25dn. 3 Call-girl an old banger (6)
4 See 17ac. 5 Were failures, so member and party leader possibly elevated (6,2)
6 Hello, one has plastic scrotal covering which is hardly new (10)
9 Beam, as one who gets loins going? (6)
10 Clegg handle "Brenda"? (8)
14 Fade out before state politician becomes libellous (10)
15 Edits out entry in legislation which offers indisputable proof (4,4)
18 Advice given to Hillary about the presidency: "Get the hell out!" (3,3,2)
19 Arse gives rise to waffle and viscous mixture (6)
20 Objectionable type's school crap (7)
23 Self-important, on drugs – shame (6)
25/2 Nos. 1 and 2: right bloody useless (4-4)
27 Bush-like, not hot, unsubstantial (4)
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