No. 582 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Resign yourself and think of England getting screwed? (3,4)
5 Breast supporter turns 'em skew-whiff (7)
10 Hardening, switching political allegiance, could be the making of Clinton? (8)
11 Sun approaches seedy house to dig the dirt? (6)
12/24 Take out Nige almost, with hard approach (4,4)
13 One who climaxes after he's placed behind Tory leader will need to keep wayward member in order! (3,7)
14 Precisely what's special about old Page Three subjects making a comeback? (4,2)
16 Groom's boob: that is, embracing duty (8)
18 Panicking member overwhelmed by Article 50 – "it's triggered!" (8)
21 What to call a mistress one madly screwed over (6)
22 Arse wrinkle: that's what it comes down to finally (6,4)
24 See 12ac. 26 Good motorists often make use of this mucky rag? (6)
27 Popular right taken in by half-hearted daring (8)
28 Weird: not even something Hitler missed (7)
29 Cry "lout" out, just like Brenda and entourage (7)

2 Couch potato's topless "Supermarket Queen" (5)
3 What post-Brexit Britain could become? Reverse the flow! (9)
4 Material concealed by bluff candidate (7)
6 Contemptible type of introduction for Trump: "outstanding mark" (7)
7 Booze: sporting host Jack drops half (5)
8 With luck Trump will be united and awfully decent about the Spanish! (9)
9 Scoff: "Voted to office, gets stuffed!" (6)
15 Ridiculed contraceptive alternative that is put on date (9)
17 Left, intervening in UN veto, about ... about ... about to step forward (9)
19 Cyclops is having medium sort of sex – wicked! (7)
20 Tories really impede leaders by way of irrelevancies (6)
21 Rattle May at first? Rates deplorable zero (7)
23 Unfinished article by Nick: pound (5)
25 Brenda's old man has off-colour question (5)

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