eye crossword
No. 588 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 16th December 2016. private eye crossword
1 Dicky copies the Eye? Doubtful (8)
6/23 Charles's one-time indulgence, Hirst's bad habit (4,5)
9 Second obnoxious type Holly cut off? (5)
10 Consulting Davis: desperate alternative at May's end (8)
11 Reliable electronic news sources breaking EU con cut (8)
12 Bastard making women vomit (6)
13 One's about to shaft hard Conservative official, in short (3,3)
15 Hairy bottom of 'feminine' Cole – ill winds (8)
17 "Screw your fate!" – not what a would-be leader should say (5,3)
19 Taking little time, May is on the rise, hardly a great person (6)
20 Put in mind of elected list (fixed)
22 Trump finally gets USA – leer grotesquely for gratification (8)
24 Vomit-like, suppressing argument, Hunt struggles with protest leader (8)
25 Busts President's opening broadcasts (5)
26/27 Might Theresa May call one "Line-up to embrace the little dictator"? (4,8)

2 Did number one sour, being resentful? (6,3)
3 Sought-after item, 'Arse I', fitted with ring (5)
4 A dick in charge? It's only natural (7)
5 That uncertain feeling of Georgia, say, stuck with Trump's vocal mate (5,2,8)
6 'Operation Back Tories' failed to get Republican arse (9)
7 Expressively emotional, pathetic Cyril (5)
8 Sounds like an 'E' maybe is a confession (6)
14 Labour's bound to produce an environment of exploited people (5,4)
16 Booze spread Carol's bum (9)
18 Cry "Ouch!", as newspapers undergoing prolonged exposure do (6)
19 Trustee, pleading, nurses big erection (7)
21 Enter quickly, going up and down (3,2)
23 See 6ac.

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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