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No. 547 by Cyclops
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1 Study tits enhancement as a regular puller? (7)
5 An election team leader has turned "blue"? (7)
9 Speaker, a keen one; one who'd top you in Conservative fight (10)
11 Call "Off with it and beat it!" (4)
12 Consequence of PM and direction-less Tories floundering (6)
13 Blubber-covered viral disease starts to affect luckless knight's thing (8)
14 Grist for the Stock Exchange, where small-time criminals traditionally ended up (6)
15 Coarse bloke's "phwoar, finally got a call-girl!" (6)
18 See 26ac. 20 One Cameron, interlinked with bung – "it's a cool thing!" (6)
23 Bit of a dish offering to relieve Josh (5,3)
25 UKIP leader, Nige besotted with a traditional British professional fee unit (6)
26/18 Summon Miliband's professed political stance (it has many hangers-on)
27 Wallowing in pro court power often leads to this (10)
28 Small "sausage companion", Brenda's bit of all right (7)
29 Adverse reaction from everybody with power – get rid of Tyneside etc! (7)

2 Raise up has-been David, the thinking man (6)
3 Boob by stronghold precedes a tense retaliation (3,3,3)
4 Putrid environment for Clegg's prime questioner (7)
6 Fix Les's nuts with a pill, so he can enjoy one? (3,4)
7 Bush compromised by UDA (5)
8 Eddie, last character to go, comes in scoffing Harry's thing (8)
10 Ed Miliband, as the Tories would have it, supports Bill on live tour finale (11)
16 It meets, it met, cycling in orgasm (9)
17 Relax Kelvin with piss up and baked clam (4,4)
19 A pain being in underwear (a chemise)
21 Member (jerk!)
perpetrates hoax (3-4)
22 Have success with penis enhancement and fit in? (6)
24 Bank out of funds – goes into a spin (5)
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