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No. 536 by Cyclops
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8 Not much on top, so Chloe's bust needing carbon implant (6)
9 Invade drug-user's butt, far side of NEC complex (8)
10 We messed with a smoker to be aggravating (4,5)
12 Distinctive old lady removing top (5)
13 State aid is wasted on House (5)
15 Rent arses – result, unwelcome state of shock (5,4)
16 An aspect of bidet: enterprising easing of tension (7)
17 Balls framed by billionaire, not quite a means of finishing off somebody (7)
19 PM no longer wants Camilla to get involved in empty motion (9)
21 Pretty poor race position – an element of Cameron in that (5)
23 Landowner getting bonked outside castle, gamely (5)
24 Plastic 'pee spider' essential for the operation of one's organ (4,5)
26 Foul and smelly men only concern, ultimately, a TV frontman (8)
27 Part of the USA's grievous cry before a royal makes half an appearance (6)

1 Dish is getting erection, hugging like an old luvvie? (6)
2 See 4dn. 3 Now who's gone berserk about Dave's main confrontation? (8)
4/2 Towel in, Nick, er, dallies with Left – e.g. espionage (12,4)
5 Boring sexual nature having been revealed, keep away from booze (3,3)
6/25 Daily Mail going after George? (10,4)
7 Eire has reformed, after parking religious party member (8)
11 Loud-mouth 'revolutionary' Ken, possibly needs logo (7,5)
14 As they say oop north, relative orgasm is not up to expectations (10)
16 Oldie's at sea with HMS Vanquish (8)
18 A lager lout's uplifting access to booze? (4-4)
20 Elected Nick? Depression! (6)
22 Regimental man – hard for one when Russia is corrupted (6)
25 See 6dn.
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