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Issue 1469
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Private Eye Issue 1469

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29th May 2018
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Windrush Victim ‘Amber’ Left Humiliated and Jobless by Home Office Officials… Historic Korean Peace Summit Raises Hopes for Reconciliation Between Leave and Remain Voters… Rees-Mogg Attacks ‘Cretinous’ Government He ‘Thoroughly Supports’… Am I a Murderer? A Doctor Writes… Celebrations as Borrowing of £42.6bn Puts Britain Back in the Black… Should Nigel Farage Be Allowed Home to Die? Asks Neo Natal… Greetings, Prince Louis , as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- After birth: Street of Shame special on Royal Bouncing Baby Balls
- Bluffing to declare:
Customs in a land of post-Brexit make-believe
- Robo cops:
Artificial intelligence and Durham’s Insp Knacker

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