eye crossword
No. 640 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 21st December 2018. private eye crossword

8 Somehow avert Boris? Not quite (crafty thing) (5,4)
10 Quit exempting POTUS, finally act like a ruler! (5)
11 Archer's thing: a right racket (5)
12 Low taxpayer needs celebrity money (9)
13 Figure Head of Transport (European)
shows evidence of erection? (4,4)
14 "One: I'm a Labour leader – brutish" (6)
17 Thorn in Trump's side turns to rebel ruler in possession of millions (6,7)
21 Maybe Peter Kay finally gets to correct tweet? (6)
22 "America takes heart from Trump" – a line that's no different from before (3,5)
25 Number two calls for its relaxation (9)
27 Private Eye turned over and immersed in drink to reach a satisfactory climax (3,2)
28 In passing, I'm mentioning: "You'll have no trouble with this" (5)
29 Smackers planted beneath this toilet seem to disintegrate and release energy (9)

1 Stares manically following start of boom and bust (7)
2 End of message makes one undo pants in public (4,3,3)
3 Mature women in party (4,2)
4 'Tory salute' besmirched a diplomatic building (9)
5 Hearing test takes the cake (8)
6 See 20dn.
7 The first person presented Brenda-style feels no different (7)
9 See 26dn.
15 Encounter Hunt – "finished being supportive" (4,2,4)
16 City tits welcoming Daily Express leader (9)
18 They'll cost you, divorced partners pocketing pounds! (8)
19 Hacks collectively getting end away – time to warn of what's coming (7)
20/6 Record lower down the charts? That's a pain (7,4)
23 Sun's done for, past it and awaiting a buyer (6)
24 One male's minuscule thing (4)
26/9 It will host opponents of House at eleven? (4,4)

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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25th December 2018
Private Eye Issue 1484