Issue 1468
dumb britain On The Ball, Radio 2
Michael Ball: The Real Full Monty was on television last week. Which 1990s film was it inspired by?
Caller: Brassed Off.

The Chase, ITV
Bradley Walsh: Cinderella is what type of vegetable?
Chaser: Potato.
Walsh: No that’s wrong. Contestants?
Contestants: Potato.

Tipping Point, ITV
Ben Shephard: Born in Trier in Germany in 1818, what was the first name of the political philosopher Marx?
Contestant: Umm, Howard?

Take On The Twisters, ITV
Julia Bradbury: The film Platoon was set in which war? Was it World War II, the Vietnam War, or the Wars of the Roses?
Contestant: I’ve seen it. That’ll be the Korean War.

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