eye crossword
No. 621 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
6/21 Give excuse not to go to work: "Prick rot's bad – without energy" (6,4)
8 Cast out: what Charles is after, by the sound of it? (6)
10 See 22ac.
11 Tip of todger trapped in Gents somehow? In that case, support (10)
12 Sheeran's backing prominent "nothing's out" Brexiteer? Rubbish (6)
13 Weighty Trump's ultimate gold-backed money supply contains zilch (8)
15 Undistinguished Miliband's back, undertaking to present a big blow to May (7,6)
17 Many would find it attractive to phone about securing May's end (8)
18 Get on after skirt pulled back – that's not what it seems (6)
20 Rank and file party supporters betray radicals (5-5)
22/10 Probe peer having it on rocks (4,4)
23 Hidden sources of Conservative unrest welcomed by stupid clot (6)
24 Date with limp, nerdy versifier (6)

1 Toady: "Credit to eccentric Nige!" (6)
2 Grayling, hard to be got rid of, is a disaster (6)
3 Element of gash in boner – you wouldn't want to be kicked there (8)
4/19 Suffered defeat: perplexed, crushed (4,6)
5 Popular with surfers, Bury – clear? (8)
7 MP Roger's off with morning hidden agenda (9)
9 President's no.1 alternative rejected – spot and pressure woman for sex? (11)
14 Acted like a non-compliant judge, or a too eager Brenda? (9)
15 Singer – rich yob going bananas about nothing (8)
16 One enters working member of labouring class as "free but with strings attached" (2,6)
18 Woe is me, mistakenly on right – butt of party (6)
19 See 4dn.
21 See 6ac.

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