St Theresa

Issue 1472
st theresa.jpg We have decided to give the Sanatorium a huge amount of money, on the grounds that giving money to the Sanatorium is very popular with parents – until they realise we want the money to come from them. In the meantime, we are hoping that the fruit of the magic money tree will be a natural remedy for all our current ailments.

We’re also relaxing employment conditions so that Doctor Foreign (who last week we told to go back where he’d come from) can come back from where he came from to work for us again. So welcome back, Doctor Foreign. For the time being, anyway. Doctor Foreign will be filling in for Doctor Junior, who is off sick with exhaustion. Again.

And lastly, congratulations to Mr Hunt. Having served as head of the Sanatorium for over five years, Mr Cunt now becomes the school’s longest-serving typographical error. We look forward to another 5 years and 294 days of Mr Cunt presiding over the demise of the Sanatorium. I have no doubt he will outlive this historic institution, by which time Doctor Junior will have become Doctor Private and Doctor Foreign will be working in Australia. 


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26th June 2018
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