St Theresa

Issue 1452
jeremy-hunt.jpg ’Getting Better All The Time’

Mr Hunt has come up with a new idea, which is so brilliant you’d have thought he’d come up with it in Snowdonia!

The Sanatorium is full of pupils with a variety of ailments that are simply wasting the school doctor’s precious time, like pneumonia, meningitis and bubonic plague.

From now on, any pupil who feels unwell will have to visit Matron first and, if she says they are ill, they’ll have to wait a few months and then see a board of School Matrons, who will decide if further treatment is really necessary or if they are now dead.

This will leave all the beds free, which will make the Sanatorium both cheaper and more efficient to run. Well done, Mr Hunt. As the youngsters say: “You’re sick!”


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