rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

The Labour council is thinking of lobbying the government to stop it having to open its accounts to pesky council taxpayers who ask awkward questions.

The charmed life of county leader Geoff Driver – arrested in connection with a police investigation into a council contract, but who is still in the chair.

How a council threat to withdraw advertising from Greenwich Weekender brought the paper to heel and turned it into just another propaganda organ.

The city says goodbye to yet another chief executive – this time Anna Klonowski, who leaves after seven months with a £70,000 payoff.

More on silver-tongued lawyer Mark Greenburgh, whose way with words almost derailed a pricey legal investigation into the former deputy mayor.

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And also...

- Insp Knackered: Cops rebuffed on access to the Eye subscriber list
- Not Impress-ive: Keeping watch on the useless press watchdog
- Crash course: Slicker on banking’s long-running foresight saga

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