rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

Deputy cabinet member for ‘communities, safety and justice’ is sacked after a judge slams his appalling treatment of his mentally ill wife.

The official video of a council meeting is censored so the public can’t see a resident being kicked out after revealing unlawful secret payments to staff.

The local constituency Labour party is suspended until 2017 over allegations of ‘intimidation and bullying’ – but no one should be terribly surprised.

Labour expels a councillor for allegedly making false allegations of child abuse against a fellow councillor.

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And also...

- Panama Special: From the top taxman who loves havens, to ministers and public bodies who are offshore and off-message.
- Care crisis: An elderly stroke victim burns to death at a Bupa-run home.
PLUS: Milking the Lib Dems’ cash cow.

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