rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

Council leader Jason Ablewhite, the newly-elected police commissioner, thinks poking fun at ‘pikeys’ and asylum seekers is just a bit of pub banter.

The city’s property conservation scandal – unnecessary work, inflated bills, crony contractors, etc – drags on, more than three years after it was exposed.

Despite strong sales, a profit-sharing deal with property developer Lend Lease leaves the council out of pocket and poring over the small print.

The Local Government Association praises the Ukip-led council – even though its leader has had difficulty paying his council tax on time.

Leaks from a secret report reveal another council putting children at risk of sexual exploitation by failing to vet local taxi drivers properly.

Following a massive regeneration fraud, sleepy police finally wake up, do some interviews and send a file to the Crown Prosecution Service!

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And also...

- Bar humbug: John Beggs, the go-to QC for cops in trouble
- Phone lines: Now hacking claims extend to the Sun
- Talking shop: Slicker on Sir Philip Green’s BHS bargain

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