rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

Research by the city reveals how it and other Labour councils are being cheated as government grants go predominantly to Tory councils in the south.

The Labour council finally comes clean about how many councillors had to be taken to court in 2015/16 for not paying their council tax on time.

Hard-hitting reports in the local press of failings by the children’s services department prompt a lot of inept and Trumpish whinging from the council.

Why the local Tory party decided to boot out tardy council tax paying Cllr Robbie Robertson for ‘intolerable behaviour’.

Despite having a friend in high places, Labour’s Sareda Dirir comes a cropper while being interviewed for the post of deputy police and crime commissioner.

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And also...

- Street of Shame: St George lowers the Standard (again)
- Brothers grim: The Candys’ tricky corporate tax structure
- Virgin territory: Beardie Branson sues NHS England

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