Issue 1428
Pointless, BBC1
Alexander Armstrong: Name any Commonwealth countries in the northern hemisphere.
Contestant 1: I think I’ll play it safe, hopefully, and say New Zealand.
Contestant 2: I was thinking of Denmark.

Eggheads, BBC2
Jeremy Vine: How many wings does a butterfly have? Is it none, two or four?
Contestant: Ah, I think this is a trick question. I’m going to say none.

Mastermind, BBC2
John Humphrys: A head and a short head are winning margins in horse racing and which other sport?
Contestant: Golf.

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Brexit boom continues… Scenes of jubilation greet Corbyn election… US says criticism ‘misguided’… Delegate shocks conference with prostitution claim… Gloom as Berrexit disaster hits Britain… May promises ‘thousands more’ excuses on refugees… Fear over hacked Pippa photos

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- Forensic accounting: The Commons Committes's harsh verdict on Theresa May
- Sugar rush: How Coca-Cola muscled in on National Fitness Day
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