eye crossword
No. 624 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Narrow-minded feature of Corbyn's party intimates, hopelesss, drained of energy around the House (4-8)
9 Zuckerberg finally worth shaking up – progress! (6)
10 Could be Murdoch's Sun is beset by violent change (8)
11 President Trump much in evidence here – "all according to plan" (2,6)
12 Bloke's Spring broadcast (6)
13 SE Asian city's power crushed the UK (6)
14 Study into the ones getting money (3,5)
16 Rich and fashionable people feel the pain before being put in place (5,3)
19 Taking May's lead, yells out "Foul!" (6)
21 Before injected drug, such as 'Anti' (6)
23 Affair with git is done for (not one for writing)
24 Conclude drinks order cancelled (5,3)
25 See 6dn.
26 Cyclops brightened up having yen to crush old politician's intolerance (12)

2 For instance, Trump's work is involved with er, yen for destabilisation (3,6)
3 Be left wriggling it in her (7)
4 Maybe Bevin's still a means of drawing large numbers? (5)
5 Where a supermodel might well be on show with it (2,5)
6/25 Ejaculation from bloke expecting oral sex, being taken by surprise? (3,2,6)
7 Act like an incompetent May or Trump etc. and pull the wool over people's eyes? (7)
8/20 Resulting in no conception of Le Pen-style communication? (6,6)
14 Nerd taking temperature before sex (3)
15 "Organ's bust!", as the sergeant-major screamed out? (4,5)
17 Macron sacked independent, inventive type (7)
18 Seductive southern old flame, sweet, getting end away (3,4)
19 Casual foreign dish – gasp "dreadful!" and throw up (4,3)
20 See 8dn.
22 Decisive frisson in naughty adult lingerie tops (5)
23 Flunkey turned back blanket covering Brenda (5)

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