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No. 603 by Cyclops
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1 Shameless baronet conceals backtracking about birth (7)
5 Lout's ideal housing on the surface (7)
9/17 They welcome getting round to shut up members (4,4)
10 Moral campaigner once split a symbol of Trump and his staff (5,5)
12 Hard, working with Conservative House leader (6)
13 Piss-covered crud sloshed over one – sort of treatment dogs get (8)
14 Possibly Queen's tip: bar Donald first and foremost! (4,4)
15/25 It's no dream: leaders of Republican extremists articulate lucid sentence! (4,4)
17 See 9ac. 18 Sad leches accept lead from Donald Trump's core programme (8)
21 After cocaine and sex, he accepts ring – which is useful to an Inuit (8)
23 Possibly in need of push-up bra, smart, with internal pop-out (6)
24 Not how you'd describe Trump's Capitol, mid crisis (10)
25 See 15ac. 26 Cluer's bollocks injected with oxygen to get a satisfactory climax? (7)
27 Perversely set to engage in conflict, Germany – that's official (7)

2 PC Lake fitting up RAF officer (6)
3 Conservative's end count is a disaster – tough! (9)
4 Er ... wonky, scatty First Lady reluctant to leave it? (3,4)
6 Arse-over-tip DUP need reforming (7)
7 So it's bad on Conservative who suffers in silence (5)
8 Abbott's having parade for shambolic state of May's government? (8)
11 "Yours truly is a great looker, guys," tweet started – revealing what Trump's headed for? (11)
15 Constructing wall for EU, which Trump apparently rides roughshod over (4,2,3)
16 Press with evil Thatcher-style determination (4,4)
18 He has plans to cut school – "mere diversion" (7)
19 Failure to meet requirement, Conservative leader, one fed up with PCs etc. (7)
20 Decide on nothing with backing of heartless Trump and Right (3,3)
22 Washington diminished, lacking sympathetic leader for the nation (5)

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