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No. 525 by Cyclops
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6 Wacky as a Cold War souvenir? (3,3,4)
8 Sex serial broadcast (4)
10/11 Our press revelations the reprehensible way (6,2,5)
12 Despised organ player's shy speech hesitancy (6)
13 In which Brenda might overlook the action of one of her lot needing genital protection (5,3)
15 Bieber composition 'Right for Ecstasy' – unknown way to get co-operation from the Met? (7)
17 Fools one thousand at Women's Institute beset by booze problem (7)
20 Multinational, sanctimonious and ultimately insatiable, which sums up good old American values (5-3)
22 See 24dn. 24 Refuse, being disenchanted with Clinton's vice (5)
25 Virus spread by very old Russian leader who goes on and on (8)
26 Big star ego round Clegg's no.2 (4)
27 No subsidy for us, being without a monocle? (7,3)

1 Highlight hair after sex (6)
2 Bully's balls hoisted – mad cheer all round! (8)
3 Where to get rid of your pounds at an incredible rate? (3,4)
4 All show, Gordon-like? (6)
5 Has-been PM broken, à la Brown? (5,3)
7 Dead-beat OK for hanging? (3,2,4)
9 See 24dn. 14 Received wisdom of unashamed "Toryhood": get vote in! (9)
16 Clinton to pack up? There could well be money in it (8)
18 Sums up England team's ambitions, right? Hissed, end of Brazilian fiasco (2,6)
19 Who'll save us all from Amis (he's "diversifying")
? (7)
21 Mount and shag on getting high (4,2)
23 Heath's last vent against party, shock style (6)
24/22/9 Habit that Cameron and chums have in common, so too chilled out? (3,6,3)
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