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No. 560 by Cyclops
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7 Appearance unattractive, so poor prospects (5,3)
8 See 27dn. 11 Balls stuck in broadcasting device – quack appears? (5)
12 McDonnell, for one, packed onto boat! (9)
13 Who delivers the news: "Monarch gets pissed on one"? (9)
15 A growing thing: getting Blair finally to admit suppressing article (5)
16 Ill-informed Corbyn's ilk, looking very gloomy (4,2,3,4)
21 Nick to be a candidate? Cool! (3,2)
23 "Duty to bow and scrape" carried out by some Swiss bank account holders? (3,6)
25 I declare Widdecombe a cat, right? (9)
26 Attitude and beliefs of those screwing around (5)
28 Sensitive reaction to pain, being thrust into Tracey's skirts (6)
29 Demanded by lawyer to keep Brenda? (8)

1 Chimney jack embosomed by familiar busty star: "tasty spread!" (4,3)
2/3 Filthy rich old fart, so one is outed as would-be betrayer of Cameron (4,8)
4 Cabinet minister on edge causing uproar (6)
5 Baiter's position on Labour's end (6)
6 "Ineffective body with dodgy war ends around East" – as many an awkward question put to politicians (10)
9 Career: Boris's last to impress (6)
10 Wet's resistance when protected by dame (6)
14 Banking, having shafted mug, is making an indecent profit (8,2)
17 See 27dn. 18 To be a real pain, Dave messed with dim Boris's heart (5,3)
19 Admit leaving Brown with impossible seat (Bristol)
20 Brenda's slicing plonker's nuts (7)
22 Corbyn ultimately is obliged to produce sod all (6)
24 Old ruler rejected shagging etc. with king (6)
27/8/17 Working on Chinese nation to accept democratic leader? Resign! (4,2,4,6)
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