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No. 527 by Cyclops
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8 Unacceptably more conservative than the Conservatives? Most certainly (3,5)
9 Artist's screen placed in front of Hirst's 'Number Two' (6)
11 Pain in the arse top bankers make them (5)
12 Hardy gets to shag with new leader – feel bad about that (5,4)
13 City backing for Heath before switch of central characters in revolt (7)
15 Jaunty bust rub alarm (7)
17 Dodgy, insecure lav wall – a great opportunity for prying by the authorities! (12,3)
19 Return of disease about genital area (amphetamines rejected)
21 Some arselicker at Interpol, horny thing (7)
23 With sock he was tossed (which might cover the entire wall?)
26 Act like a tyrannical Russian leader, putting pressure on press (5)
27 Obama easily starts accepting glib rubbish – bind (6)
28 Local outing for those on benders? (3,5)

1 Nuts stimulated, it's up and finally inserted (6)
2 Civilians cynically taken out (claret drunk with Lola)
3 "Quite a knock, to live without corgis, somehow" (3,5)
4 See 24dn. 5 Eye clutched by Clegg's ultimate female enthusiast (6)
6 Hurd, upbraided, holding tongue (4)
7 Penis Boy's fancy white top formal wear (5,3)
10 Shag retreat, a large marine presence (8)
14 Kate endlessly dealt with manipulation, being addressed pompously (6,2)
16 Scary utterance: "Hague, try blending with Left" – Tory leader (4,6)
17 "Sod Jersey!" sort of bottle? (5-3)
18 Hard exterior of Conservative authority taking a criminal charge (8)
20 What sticks out after politician's initial promise (6)
22 Require foreign article for prick (6)
24/4 "Python gets the bird" rumour (4,4)
25 A drag, the old monarch, round university (4)
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