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No. 543 by Cyclops
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7 Voiced old writer's dogs' complaint (7)
8 As PM with ministerial problems might do? Creep! (7)
10 "Bond openly gay" project (5,3)
11 'Corker' Sewell's was black (6)
12 Radio broadcast: Nigel's first to do something controversial in the case of females (6)
13 Diana: the Mail's content is an abhorrence (8)
15 In which we highlight the senselessness of vote-seeker's claim – slap-bang wrong (8,5)
17 Uproar, working with tense power-sharing here? (8)
19 European state: "It'll never happen, restricting Russia's leader" (6)
21 Grumpy, stricken with lousy pubes? (6)
23 Maybe jungle clearing broadcasts requiring drug experience (8)
24 Hospital worker's handout prior to operational cuts? (7)
25 Belgrano hit – yes for one it's a rejoiceful outburst (5,2)

1 See 22dn. 2 Refusal to accept former royal's allegation by Brenda (10)
3 Failure to get off – Nina, I'm so screwed up (8)
4 Fear of pathetic "hip" Obama losing a state (6)
5 Whose dyke is often trodden underfoot (4)
6 Days long ago, before Murdoch got his mitts on the title? (3,5)
9 Wise, say, guy who screws women? (8,3)
14 Clinton presidency? (Left out what Clinton went through at Oxford)
15 Downfall of whip, one with ultimate in pisspoor legislation (8)
16 HSBC possibly commit robbery to provide funding (8)
18 Element of bull associated with Tony's right wing information (6)
20 Taking a defiant stance during break, I'm Boris-like (6)
22/1 Dance break with Brenda, unmanner of men (4-6)
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