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No. 529 by Cyclops
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8 Manhattan member sexualised woman? (8)
9 Prised asunder, a fright in the bathroom? (6)
11 Recorded sound bite of Obama after German transport (5)
12 Reach lowest point with twerk position? (6,3)
13/25 It can be wretched, about to get limp – maybe an opportunity to put more women in office? (7,9)
15 Cop-out processed southern sea food dish (7)
16 Gulf book, Tony's ultimate, coming in bottom in US (5)
18 Banned cricketer arse over tip with balls (5)
22 Reckless dare involves stupid tit wearing clothes (7)
24 Roger, the journalist, packed (7)
25 See 13ac. 26 Crush of people sees hooker's butt in dirty film (5)
28 Carbon decay check for genital area (6)
29 Sun: "Great one on stud!" (8)

1 Nick? Drop from the contest! (7)
2/27 Bitter, outspoken act of Brenda which creates poor atmosphere (4,4)
3 Rate Tony pisspoor counsel (8)
4 Boob, having chip as a snack (6)
5 See 19dn. 6 Nut added to booze strength – within even Boris's ability? (5-5)
7 "Brother, independence – shit poor!" reveals Salmond's ultimate national identity? (7)
10 Ultimate grotesque tum on drunken sot (6)
14 Perverts toy with pubes at Beachy Head, say (6,4)
17 Earth moved? Get lost! (3,3)
19/5 What makes a fart from the EC pontificate about "Right"? (8,6)
20 Mad scramble to get on "Arse Nation" (3,4)
21 After a blockage, TV presenter gets very hard (7)
23 Bawdiness spread all round uni (6)
24 Eye shows the US bombed round Kabul's eastern border (6)
27 See 2dn.
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