No. 580 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
6 Fast arranged by old failed candidate and member with alternative backing (7)
7 Scottish leader's first to go far right – nuts (7)
9/3 Prats do "Cyclops-like ears" (4,6)
10 Ethical – so finished being a candidate? (10)
12 Not like Miliband to have magnetism, agreed? (6)
13 It certainly has the money to distribute Boris etching – boing, gone! (4,3)
15 Response of some leaders to Brexit crisis might be put into words as "We'll just have to lump it" (11)
19 Danger when PM misses Brexit climax and collapse (7)
20 Rejected grass, um ... as a hairstyle (6)
21 Welcome a beating, as masochists might do affectionately at the opening of parliament? (4,3,3)
23/17 A tempting alternative, possibly, to a penis, without a call for attention (4,6)
24 Sun spread including "Phwoar! Knickers capital!" gets it in the neck? The opposite (7)
25 Haste of press to stand against Cameron's ultimate hollow "clarity" (7)

1 Blair in trouble – no good sounding off! (7)
2 Dispatched soldiers again — Tony's main grudge (10)
3 See 9ac. 4 Conservative purveyor of nonsense before poll – that's plain (5-3)
5/14 Corbyn, at first getting on, taken responsibility for – now frozen out (4-10)
8 Help the party – party Corbyn finally chewed up? (6)
11 One who needs to get a firm grip, Labour's leader, being in ever weird situation (9)
14 See 5dn. 16 How a male peer's task is completed quickly (2,1,5)
17 See 23ac. 18 Main conclusion of Boris: "Yuk! What one gets from boat-rocking!" (7)
20 May, getting reduced party backing, er, needs new go-ahead (6)
22 Senior Corbynite starts to put over Sturgeon? (4)

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