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No. 533 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 7th November 2014.
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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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1/3 Blair (Left ousted by Mandelson primarily)
bit stupid to be trapped by Brown? Inane responses here (4,7)
4 Be the assertive partner taking no time at all to penetrate girlfriend? (8)
9 Dicky in pain with sex (Paris finished him off)
10 See 24ac. 11/29 Sarah Palin politically? Traditionally, a real stirrer in the corridors of power etc. (3,4)
12 Boris becoming new leader probably Cameron's argument backing up faster reforms – Sam's initiative? (5,5)
13 One to forcibly put down a tosspot (7)
15 Dissolute Cyclops: "head going for a song" (7)
17 China welcomed by Arabic militant leaders – ISIS, maybe? (7)
19 Far from broad head of prick, rather rough (7)
22 Put coyly, the means by which you have the piss taken out of you (10)
24/10 Dodge Tory trap (3,5)
26 Heartless Dicky in seedy surroundings – a scene of innocent bliss (5)
27 Joint flop incurs attack from above (4-4)
28 Idle bum needs stiff whip (8)
29 See 11ac.

2 "Foreskin intact" not edited out? (5)
3 See 1ac. 4 Due to defect to Ukip, say? (6)
5 After Miliband gets started, too much to include first hint of economics, so here's musical item (5)
6 Paisley's gone heavenward? Examine at end of day for innocence (7)
7 Reckless, to do which, toys with Ukip's heart? Ask rest (4,5)
8 Boris's thing in front of the camera? Crew only embarrassed (8)
14 Ultra CV, i.e. dodgy as a top banker's job? (9)
16 Bloody group underwear one has produces chafing (8)
18 Balls covered with honey (not hot, but energy-filled)
, Cyclops-style? (3-4)
20 Sound unit secured by celeb getting pissed with Di (7)
21 Crooked direct bank loan? (6)
23 Labour leader engaged in off-target wit (5)
25 Called in Cameron, a mediocrity (5)
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