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No. 552 by Cyclops
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1 Natural wear for a bird (fruity thing, mature)
5 Champion internet partner (7)
9 Maybe aspiring MP's camp material House cut and rejected (9)
11 Rotten organisation provided, perversely, not a bloody thing, in short (4)
12 See 21ac. 13 Schoolmarmish frolicking and sex the wrong way breaks muscle (8)
14/3 Ask how much Tony's involved with leak about Sadam's end (4,5)
16 Down-to-earth writer demolishes Blair with ease: "pointless" (8)
18 Public transport on time, say, given backing? Wise up! (3,5)
21/26/12 Effortless orgasm, not rocket science – try to have laid-back attitude (4,4,4,2)
23 Dick shown what to do with seedlings (5,3)
24 Hairy appendages sporting a split (6)
26 See 21ac. 27 Cocktail shaker (dog piss held back inside)
? (9)
28 Nothing in filthy rich Zara's head – "love hot sausage!" (7)
29 Old city gent almost cleaned out City – "pressing situation" (7)

2 Shut up, avert gaze – Osborne primarily replaced by leader of campaign (4,4)
3 See 14ac. 4 At the start, goolies (large)
added to lover's allure (7)
6 See 25dn. 7 Obnoxious Rotten is even dancing (9)
8 Very newspaper that is supplying weed (6)
10 After short month, a multinational gets turned over by second-mentioned dodgy organization chief (4,7)
15 Glimpse mounting first sign of Clegg's tragic character? Don't go there! (4,5)
17 Maybe Morecambe's keeping alcoholic drug secret (8)
19 Who's come out, swinging both ways? Zimbabwe's head of Entertainment (4,3)
20 Sixties cool clothes for this punchy show? (3,4)
22 Bling item? Bring up, loudly! (6)
25/6 Multinational's rough, in the clutches of self-serving, twisted, lousy leaders – that's sweet! (5,7)
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