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Higher Education
Issue 1464
st theresa.jpg I’m a great believer in education right up to the highest level. One must never stop learning and I have learnt a great deal recently about higher education. It’s very expensive, it’s not value for money and it’s not fair to saddle the young with massive debts at exorbitant rates of interest. 

And whose ridiculous idea was this? Not mine. It was all the fault of the previous Headmaster, Mr Cameron, whose Coalition Academy introduced tuition fees. These turned out to be a disaster, mostly for Deputy Head Mr Clegg (anyone remember him?).

The fees proved very costly indeed and ultimately cost Mr Clegg his job. That is not going to happen to me, which is why I have sensibly launched a review of the whole university issue, which will hopefully come to a sensible conclusion, ie it was all Mr Cameron’s fault. I was somewhere else at the time and it was nothing to do with me #NotMeToo.


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Private Eye Issue 1463