eye crossword
No. 619 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 USA's abandoned wise folk – they've been stuffed (8)
6/27 Province following the PM? Not too clear, that (4,4)
9 Plan produced by heartless, beastly mother, confiscating sex rejuvenator, "very lacking" (7)
10 European's valiant "Out!" (7)
11 Eye has tip: "Angle" (9)
12/23 Hooker ran off on receiving Trump's introduction – troublesome state! (5,5)
13 Murdoch organ fixed – and so ends our enlightenment? (6)
14 See 21dn. 17 Is smeared with cocoa at start of new party (8)
19 Drink that is maintaining Conservative line-up without May's lead (3,3)
22 Second-rate, flaccid? Ignore (5)
24 Be suggestive and trendy in kinky hard top (4,1,4)
25 Progressive spewed bile at Republican vice president (7)
26 Unstable domain : country's leader is all over the place (7)
27 See 6ac.
28 Sun: "Queen in lingerie", and miscellaneous items (8)

2 Two versions of Cyclops recruited by politician Johnson for the battle (7)
3 Cut down on corporal punishment (held up by a couple of tits?)
4 "Sacrifice Green's head!": morning piece (6)
5 Chary about conspiracy by Corbyn's no. 1 (rather patchy)
6 Age of Blair? Not quite, after e.g. reversal (3,2)
7 Saying "Erdogan's top swine" and stuff (7)
8 I fiddled with scanties, thus endlessly eager (12)
9 A warning that has Tory rebels going their separate way? (8,4)
15 "Balls lifted – some sort of miracle!" (rhetorical type)
16 Lobbies about 'old bags' (8)
18 House of Commons kind of pot? (7)
20 Spin is ultimately bullshit and piss (7)
21/14 Miserable, rattled PM disowned Hunt (4,2,3,5)
23 See 12ac.

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