rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

The controversial backroom deal to sell the city’s historic Coal Exchange to a former bankrupt and disqualified property developer from Murkeyside.

Dissent in the ruling Labour group over the election of new leader Steve Eling – whose day job is 100 miles away at, er, Rotherham council.

Leader Kevin Davis flies into trouble at a property developers’ shindig in Cannes after claiming £458 for a 20-mile journey from Nice airport.

Council loses an unfair dismissal case brought by a children’s services manager after cocking up the entire dismissal process.

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And also...

- EU bias: TV news and why obsessive ‘impartiality’ is plain daft
- 2016 And All That: History Special on Britain’s relations with Europe.
- PLUS: How cartoonists see D-Day; the Greens of Monaco; & more!

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