Issue 1430
Tipping Point, ITV
Ben Shephard: Of which African country is Kampala the capital?
Contestant: Nepal.

Pointless, BBC1
Alexander Armstrong: Name a country south of the UK on the same longitude.
Contestant: Paraguay.

For What It’s Worth, BBC1
Fern Britton: Sri Lanka is located off the south-east coast of which Asian country?
Contestant: Africa.

The National Lottery: Five Star Reunion, BBC1
Nick Knowles: Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of which political party?
Contestant: Conservatives.

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- Airport expansion: Brexit casts a cloud over Heathrow.
- Out for a duck? The cricket chief on a sticky wicket.
- PLUS: High noon for press regulation; Tory MPs & the Saudis; cartoons galore!

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