eye crossword
No. 622 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Germany's head needs to give approval, please (7)
5 Some fear a fatuous ex-leader (6)
10 "Pushover" sexualised females act otherwise (8)
11 Liberal party crushes Left, which is mean (6)
12 See 18dn.
13 Criminal's ready, being blue and tender? (5,5)
14 Was a physical disciplinarian cash-deficient? (8)
16 Unreliable erection likely from this western type? (6)
17 A test of public opinion by Corbyn's no. 2 – "God!" (6)
19 Trump approach to world economics has Washington in clutches of stock exchange member (5,3)
21 Clergyman chief bound to welcome those not sexually discriminating (10)
23 See 22dn.
24 Lot gets me kit off outside back of Harrods (6)
25 Fighting unit deviously met Nigel (having changed political sides)
26 Guest's potty which fits under genitals? (6)
27 Designer gives some lovers a certificate (7)

2 Take all the hardships from rugged sex (5,2)
3 Wife who wears the trousers ready for your viewing pleasure? (2,3)
4 Confronted daft couple screwing (no latitude shown)
6 Unsatisfactory Republican circle? Yep, dodgy (5)
7 Wretched alien UFO fellow (4,2,3)
8 Hard going, old Liberal leader – party attack (7)
9 Reserved – but succeeded in having sex, with time for cocaine (6)
15 Nothing but opposing members, which is awkward (3,6)
16 Meghan Markle's second PC outburst with which she'll get toasted no doubt (9)
18/12 Hairstyle feature's very fashionable – the last word? (7,4)
19 Top Tory source right in trouble (1-5)
20 Agreeable getting end away? With stupid git on top, it could be the death of you (7)
22/23ac. Pants he brandished, interrupting sex earlier (2,3,4)
23 Turning up with politicians, shakes hands enthusiastically (5)

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