eye crossword
No. 608 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
6 Awkward BBC asking about bill – for which Theresa May needs to be prepared (12)
10 Member in excited state – assistance! (3,2)
11 Stars calling for "awesome hugger" (5,4)
12 Crafty thing – phwoar! – with lace shift (7)
14 "China reds faked study!" (7)
15 Sources of oxygen in balls: sun (5)
16 See 2dn. 20 Contraceptive: on it is wrong wording (7)
22 Blunt ditching hot male? The opposite (7)
23 Share smartphone feature (gold)
to get it on 'wicked' (9)
24 Sex pathetic – no head and male habitual response is to go 'exile' (5)
25 Beiber's intro included in new Beach Boys LP – therapeutic drivel (12)

1 Go out with anorak, pouchy Aussie (8)
2/16 Having an erection, about to sleep with pretentious has-been politicians (4,5)
3 Only men, lifting, say, end of todger, act like a piss artist (7)
4 Hot pet shit spread, to taste just right (3,3,4)
5 I'm with you: top grade sin! (6)
7 Supporter welcomes demise of our head of state (6)
8 Vote for Roman Catholic-protected independent Paisley – who could put out your lights (11)
9 Anything goes with Mrs Batty – fruity thing (6,5)
13 So I'm unfortunately stuck between two Conservatives – flashy things – they come from outer space! (6,4)
17 Uplifting assistance for a casual drinker? (4-4)
18 Russian leader in niche organisation to improve wealth (6)
19 Ambitious type Soubry and bishop caught by the Eye (7)
21 Unwanted PC messages from pisspot, novice hacks (3-3)
24 English pound reaches a place of exile (4)

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