eye crossword
No. 601 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
6 See 13ac. 7 Boozer Eric held off, energy gone, showing capacity to act immaturely (5,5)
11 Put your foot in it, snapping "Trump no moderate leader, sir!" (7)
12 Cricketer's desire to go on stage (4,3)
13/6 Dreaming of emails hacked with style (5,4)
14 Defeated Bill – was the Speaker absent? (6,3)
15 'Remains' rise in revolt, right? (7)
16 Finished stuffing part of bra front (5-2)
18/21 Election slogan; "After numerous sand shifts, put forward legislation" (6,3,6)
20 Bug-like snacks (5)
22 "Sack of lolly put before one" – Brenda (7)
23 Jeremy's left wing sadly ain't providing transport (7)
24 William, say, explosive sustainer of queen to be (5,5)
25 See 23dn.

1 Managed to have a few almost – a price to be paid (6)
2 Bug campaign transport carrying Bill? Wicked! (8)
3 Like May's appeal to voters; "I can match that!" (4)
4 Being in a good position, the Eye is going to stand on Donald's head (4-6)
5 Crooked dodge by Trump (not Mr)
– bizarre habit (3,3-2)
8 House annex raves about to break two May supporters? (12)
9 Block housing – one grand crap place (5)
10 Hardly descriptive of Donald's feverishly inspired tale (12)
14 Article: ‘Just southern, old, patronised women’ (3,4,3)
15 Sleep with arsehole at end of the convalescence (4,4)
17 President, right, is into "factual" vengeance (8)
19 Having big tits, needs different top (out of practice)
21 See 18ac. 23/25 Conservative getting on with Corbyn at first – everything that you'd rather not be on the end of? (4,4)

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