No. 578 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 29th July 2016. private eye crossword
8 Substance? Ex-leader's lost half (3)
9 Deputation from English politician that hurt Brenda – intended, it's said (11)
11 See 12ac. 12/20/11 "Diffusing continental gigolo slur": Obama's big frustration? (3,7,11)
13 Tin Tin's suggestive high kicks, etc. (6)
15 Parliamentarian getting sack over poor rate? 16 Piece about repulsive Tyson? (5)
17/27 Shag extremely playfully, reckless – a minor irritation (5,4)
21 Chuck: clod, openly gay (4,3)
23 Randy's working ex-PM (not hard)
25 See 3dn. 26 Temperature taken after energy-charged, wild erotic fun – not for real (11)
28 Swearing hapless bum is buggered without love (11)
29/1 Hardly Thatcher's type (though having charm)
– "holiday-wrecker" (3,5)

1 See 29ac. 2 Foul Boris's ultimate title: "New TV Celeb" (8)
3/25 Doesn't hold back, tries pathetically to break record (4,3)
4 Downfall after political leader, embraced by Nazis, turns (7)
5 Prominent row in Commons about not taking Brexit lead (tearing into foreigners)
6 Load of women rowers (6)
7 Pop star: flash, fishy thing (8)
10 Wire-tapped party oddball (6)
14 Nick involved in broadcast of a Corbyn clone (6,4)
16 Slip on this after having wet yourself? (8)
18 Follow-on from preliminary stage: stuffing knocked out of Trump – ah, woes afresh! (5,3)
19 Knocked back about a barrel "to get accustomed" 20 See 12ac. 22 Right and Left hold record each for withdrawal (6)
24 Panic? Brenda's over it (5)
27 See 17ac.

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