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No. 524 by Cyclops
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1 Feeling the end of the formal shit (7)
5 Political slant dropped, which is a benefit, incidentally (4-3)
9 Elected, does a bit of needling, having a laugh (2,8)
11/18 Aroused by rich people's paper: constant state endured by the poor (4,5)
12 Evangelical Tory leaders create chaos and the like (8)
13 Word of Ukip's right wing projection (6)
14 New version of our version of Blair: a U-turning leader (6)
16 "Get a move on, bring back the cat!": outdated impassioned cry by Right (5)
18 See 11ac. 20 Camilla's debut: she wilfully choked on the Queen's toast (6)
22 Movie-set boss right off big boobs (6)
23 Nigel loses head, so embarrassed after EU praise (8)
25 See 24dn. 26 Be a prat, presenting ears Cyclops style (4,6)
27 Pressure on sex partner with snipped dick to make space for a little 'un (7)
28 Brian's carbuncle possibly makes organ tender (7)

2 Player who got around let in Mrs Batty (8)
3/7 Article stuck in end, together with a twist, as far as is possible (2,3,3,6)
4 Not bothered by his eminence Nigel's hollow party being in the ascendancy (2,3,2)
6 Drink/drug used by peer (7)
7 See 3dn. 8 Romanian arrival starts to be accepted by gay offensive against English party leader (6)
10/19 Our academical report of male on a date: snooty mum's protecting daughter's tail – shit time (11,7)
15 Maybe Tories, LibDems, having dumped leaders, get in female like Brian Sewell? (4-5)
17 Publicity given to misbehaving senior, as Archer was (8)
19 See 10dn. 20 Stampede here to see Grant grabbing great head in LA (7)
21 Spectacle of old queen's erection interrupting fancy meal (6)
24/25 Put a spin on Clegg's ultimate defeat (ancient history)
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