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No. 519 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 25th April 2014.
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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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1 An atomic variant, I thus get pissed regularly (7)
5 Belligerent Russian, strutting male, holding dick that's 'on the turn' (7)
9 Peer aims to get in this legislative assembly corporation (7,3)
11 See 14ac. 12 Drink set bra on fire almost (6)
13 Tired out, undergoing a tense penetration, humble yourself (3,4)
14/11/26 Spread our pages, readers, and accept how bad things really are! (4,4,4)
16 Inability to get off when one tinkered with onanism (8)
19 Pissed over Sony in no time at all (4,4)
20/3 Sentimentality associated with Democrat 'X' is what Osborne would love to promise (4,5)
22 Support Clegg's no. 2? Move over, there's work still to be done! (7)
24 Sagging pop foursome releases one in hurry (6)
26 See 14ac. 27 Front-of-vehicle feature that masks flatulence? (10)
28 Freak rum rots nuts (3,4)
29 Rejected Miliband pointer, perhaps, on 'fascist organisation' Nike? (7)

2 Breaks, as the piss artist said, for a drink? (8)
3 See 20ac. 4 Be a moralizing sort of chap – i.e. Fry broadcasting (9)
6 Band taking month putting on extra tight tops (5)
7 Broadcaster going under – the downfall of high fliers (9)
8 Limerick about Tony desperate to rope in UKIP leader? (6)
10 Sacked TV host's broadcast looks at "male member" (5,6)
15 Explanations unacceptable once sex is cleaned up across America (2,7)
17 Show-ring election promises? (9)
18 German minister doctored Beeb's log (8)
21 Feature of slob Eye derided didn't break the rules (6)
23 A cow, Balls at heart, he admits? (5)
25 Tart offers resistance when collared by a team of cops (5)
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