No. 574 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 3rd June 2016. private eye crossword
1/25 Catchy, so composition leads to easy intercourse (4,4)
3 Holds up sexy picture for the cops? (3,4)
8 The bane of UKIP? Cyclops is, one way and another, and possibly Hugh is (10)
9 See 22ac. 10 Bet off, so don't make advances (4,4)
11 Wave from bit of a tit with new top (6)
12 Speaker's crack, say, is base (5)
13 Maybe Brenda's tap delivers a cold beverage with two vitamins (8)
15 Tone's keen supporter, Gordon! (3-5)
17 Dodgy, gutless senior Tory has no time to be apologetic (5)
18 Sound star drunk with sex (6)
20 Powerless Peter Mandelson finally gets it: Jeremy ultimately forever! (8)
22/9 Happy hour? Not a moment to spare (4,4)
23 Chopsticks fodder? Was furious with lyricist (6,4)
24 "Cleaner 'D' is hot" – Daily Mail? (7)
25 See 1ac.

1 Cameron's opening shot possibly backfiring – cause for pause (5)
2 Tory leader in decline – flop, schoolboy joke (5,4)
3 ERM in England? You devised dodgy means of cleaning up (5,10)
4 Abdominal wind has con getting end away (7)
5 Male presidential candidate regularly in a state (3,2)
6 Shag upper class-style, on the wagon – and get rid of any damp patch (6,3)
7 British old crock, a stirrer (6)
12 Have a go at screwing fitful Dan (5-4)
14 The PM's reluctant to accept Dr Ron's treatment (4,5)
16 Old source of Charles: "To be king sometime in autumn" (7)
17 Stinks raised about Bercow ultimately stick (6)
19 Remains of Left abandoning whips (5)
21 Understood stupid sort's restricted bill (5)

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