eye crossword
No. 594 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
8 Don't keep mum's "restraint underwear" (3,4)
10 Sexually transmitted disease one caught in hay, recklessly – result of getting too high? (7)
11 Roger not stuffing without kinky gaiters – that's official (9)
12 State rejected sex ring's alfresco area (5)
13 Unhealthy as a penis (5)
14 Diabolical day Donald Trump starts salary 'enhancement' (9)
16 Right into shag (name unknown)
, screamer uses it to full effect (6)
18 Pence gutted – replaced by greens, if you like! (6)
21 Mixer produced by former non-drinker astride a dog? (9)
23 Horny thing's ready (5)
24 Region of mediocrity decentralised America (5)
26 Having got firm, corporation on e-trail (9)
27 Conservative leader's rip-off 'buried' in the last month – blame her! (7)
28 Will's appendage bones looped over, having chip on one length (7)

1 Less than half fluent radio broadcast taken by Trump (7)
2 Alternative facts – great theatrical stuff (10)
3 Showing poor taste, Gordon allied with Tony finally? (6)
4 Refrain is "Endless burden, that's what Trump represents" (6)
5 Make out with smooth, high-up intelligence gatherer (8)
6/25 Reliable voting indicator, once one disheartened Donald – crazy, LOL! (4,4)
7 Female sporting Lycra – no! (7)
9 Republican party welcoming American leader in peace? That's absurd! (7)
15 Decides sin absolved is not welcomed by Putin? (10)
17 Any more sad, May-made-stateless land workers? (8)
18 Feature of Washington: obnoxious Trump's overbearing manner starts to be restrained by political support group (7)
19 Lengthen pecker? Much of it involves hassle (7)
20 Aggressive sex, perverse sex, in dump (7)
22 What's left of New Hampshire, say (6)
23 Brenda's standing with faction 'Remain' (6)
25 See 6dn.

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