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No. 550 by Cyclops
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1 Fail to keep it up as a maligned therapist (6)
4 How to annoy a luvvie: lift leg (7)
9 Liberal undone, having first accepted sly suggestion (8)
10/2 Nigel and two Ukip leaders going mad with room for foreign cabaret (6,5)
11 Show up a Speaker's Lords member? (6)
12 Dubbed King Miliband after dark? (8)
13 Many followed the 2015 Election, seeing Labour's end and Nige's breaking with nameless countries (12)
17 Could be Labour's got shit on Brenda? Sun: "Killjoys!" (5-7)
21 Indecisive voter's refrain: "Ukip's second today" (4-4)
23 Left crushed by cabinet minister's mitts (6)
25 Provoked, Sun gets even – not very well hidden (6)
26 Appendage cover with fancy lace (8)
27 Love quota delivered by speechifier (7)
28 A quarter Scottish, they recklessly make cuts (6)

1 Nervous sort of brainy networkers (8)
2 See 10ac. 3 Unlike Thatcher's "No" to the French press? (3-4)
5 Cameron crushes independent oil development around Conservative London area (7)
6 Makes contact between members? (7,2)
7 Craft of King George entertaining idle bastard (6)
8/24 Maybe stony David puts round into Labour worthless sort (4,2,3)
14 Hospital visitor's pain aggravated by small measure in jug (2-7)
15/22 Conservative Right abandoned humour and heart for a start – don't take seriously (3,4)
16 Right low-spirited like the party faithful (4-4)
18 Nick to cause a bit of a car crash? (3,4)
19 Natural penis with electronic component? (7)
20 Drink, um, is a depressant (6)
22 See 15dn. 24 See 8dn.
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