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No. 539 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 30th January 2015.
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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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1 Miley's arse all over "potassium-free" startled Becks – a painful thing (7)
5 Communication from Steel (having been trounced)
hypocritically virtuous on the inside (7)
9 Booze, hit base, getting screwed (name concealed)
11 Take the piss out of staff residing in Settle (6)
12 Columnist with power to cause an erection – not a modest thing (4-6)
13 Filthy lucre made by party on quiet? (4)
14 Dead historic, Pat's fancy North Korean set-up? (12)
18 One gets the nastiest shift worker in a hospital? (12)
20 See 19dn. 22 Heat "appalling" on the Mayor? "Despicable!" (10)
24 Old singer wheels on Ukip leader thus (6)
25 Opts for adjustment on prick flow preventer (8)
26 Fickle Nigel's heart is in filthy manoeuvring (7)
27 One inspired by Tebbit, having cystic trouble around top of leg? (7)

2 Labour produced them, Blair's independence-seizing multitude of women, say (6)
3 Ageing pop star gets upper hand – a scary situation? (5,4)
4 Was a judge, for instance, your short oversexed male? (5)
6 Page doubly embraced by Lords member rejected in love, which is rather hot (9)
7 Oliver North's last-minute order? (5)
8 A toff sadly rolling a joint (8)
10 Hi-tech alternative for certain addicts: cooks grease it etc. (1-10)
15 Murderous film conceals terrible truth (3-6)
16 As Private Eye rubbished IRA 'A-list' celeb's introduction (9)
17 Cocaine trip: a rather flaky come-down (8)
19/20ac. Conservative whacko, say, snaps final order before getting high (6,4)
21 Immature solver no good! (5)
23 Court takes on two unknown quantities (a bit pissed)
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