Banks’s Rock follies
Bad boy of Brexit, Issue 1486
ROCK FOLLIES: Brexit bad boy Arron Banks, whose Rock Holdings now faces being struck off the company register in the Isle of Man
BREXIT bad boy Arron Banks has become a very bad boy indeed on the Isle of Man, where the local company registry is threatening to strike off his key company, Rock Holdings. This is the company which not only supposedly provided an £8m loan to fund the Leave campaign, but also owns Banks’s Gibraltar insurance interests.

On 30 November the Manx registry began action to dissolve Rock Holdings after receiving information on 7 November from company administrator Greystone Trust that, contrary to what had been filed by Rock on 1 November, it was not the registered office for the Banks company.

The Manx regulator wrote to Rock – although where exactly, if not at the wrong address in Athol Street in Douglas it had provided, is unclear, as the notice is private – giving the company two months to provide a new registered office address on the island. If no address is provided, notice will be served on the company that Rock Holdings will be struck off and dissolved in a further two months’ time.

The document filed on 1 November, dated 5 October, was signed by either Banks’s lawyer brother Jonathan, who lives in Hong Kong, or long-time business associate Timothy Revill from Guernsey. They became directors and, for Revill, company secretary on 28 September. That was when the former two directors and company secretary from local company administrator PCS quit. Who filed the document for Rock is not stated.

The ‘Street of Thieves’
What makes the Greystone declaration odd is that, also on 1 November, it filed the annual return for another Manx Banks company, ICS Risk Solutions, which owns the Go Skippy insurance broker, Eldon Insurance Services. And this stated that ICS’s registered office was at Greystone’s offices in Athol Street!

Jonathan Banks is also an ICS director. Revill was, but he resigned in March 2018. He had already resigned from Southern Rock Holdings in Gibraltar, through which Rock Holdings owns the insurer. The ICS annual return was dated 29 October.

So what is going on in Athol Street? Years ago it was referred to locally as the Street of Thieves, before the current rigorous offshore financial centre standards were enforced. Greystone managing director Michael Riddell told the Eye: “Rock Holdings is not and has never been our client. The purported change of registered office to this address was done without our knowledge or consent, and when we became aware of it we immediately corrected the record. Only we are permitted to undertake certain filings for ICS Risk Solutions.”

Ineligible donor
It was on 1 November that the Electoral Commission announced that it had asked the National Crime Agency to investigate the £8m funding of the Leave campaign by Banks. This followed the commission’s previous investigation into the source of the £8m, which held that the money had not come from Banks personally as declared, but from Rock Services, a subsidiary of Rock Holdings. But Banks’s associate Liz Bilney, an ICS director, told the commission that the money actually appeared as a shareholder loan to Banks in the books of Rock Holdings.

According to documents in Gibraltar, in 2013 Arron Banks owned all of Rock Holdings. However, according to the Rock Services 2017 accounts, Banks only has a “majority shareholding”. Manx records show the Holdings shares were owned in 2017 by a Gibraltar nominee company. All clear? But then clarity is not the Banks way.

Unable to obtain evidence outside the UK, the Electoral Commission called in the NCA to investigate an alleged breach of electoral law – funding from an overseas (ie Manx) and thus ineligible donor, Rock Holdings.

Even if Rock Holdings is dissolved, that is unlikely to prevent the NCA investigation obtaining bank and company records. No doubt Banks would not want such a fate to befall such an important company in his offshore network – or to prevent the NCA from confirming that he has committed no crime or breached any electoral regulation.


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