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No. 615 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword.

Running clockwise around the shaded squares, starting top left, is a question (slightly reduced to fit the grid) and the contestant's two-word answer, as featured in DUMB BRITAIN in 2017. The 52 letters of the quote not intersecting with clue answers are:
12 Boob caught in cocked sidearm, which is irritating (10)
13 By which the rich get around revolutions (5)
14 Congress after this state cements EU break-up (Conservative leader involved)
? (10)
15 Behaves like a luvvie elevated – is a pain in the arse (4,2)
17 Relative welcomes Trump's end – therefore Republican angel! (7)
18 Not available, Ian bottled out – a big burden to us (8,4)
19 Joey hurts, having an erection – "Ail badly!" (9)
21 Royal consort gets a crowd in a state (7)
23 As an orgasm is to do with temperature, etc., cocaine having been taken (9)
28 Rants and tries wrongfully to incarcerate a Democrat (7)
29 Drink, mister and, it's said, pull a bag (11)
31 Massages – "danke, Dotty" – before sex (6)
32 Scandi noir villain who'd put paid to episodic TV adaptation? (6,6)
33 Brown-noser slightly shuffled old paper (5)
34 Legs said to be bandy for ballet step (8)
35 Stuck up Irish leader: "Time to oust English" (7)
37 See 38ac. 38/37 Final act: Shakespearean lead, washed out, needs a lay (4,4)
40 One must quit drink daily (2,5)
45 Lot of dosh put before EU – end of Her Majesty (8)
47 Panting, agree to get screwed? (5)
49 Falsies, ultra-wobbly — what a terrorist wants his hand on? (7,5)
51 Killer spider carried by Southern Region (6)
52 Cur: Kennedy Brand? (4,7)
53 Get deserved punishment by Conservative 'Remains' – hand over the readies! (3,4)
54 Cyclops is on oxygen, next to American, in queue for Trump-style transport? (9)
55 Wretched Cyclops gives head for a song (7)
57 Which could be throbbing as one nerdy swot receiving earth-moving penetration? (3,6)
59 Say "at last, Republican Islamic State gains ground – it's a part of New York" (6,6)
63 "Sun corruptly blue": that's how a clue should be! (7)
64 Ex-Tory chairman – cow shit figure? (6)
66 The very last places that would get people fired up (10)
67 Piss artists recruiting Conservative nationals (5)
68 Once Trump's no. 2 is filled with misplaced ire, suffer! (10)

1 The president's old farts? (6)
2 See 69dn. 3 American's (as it might be put)
'with it' – not the sort of presidential quality Trump's displaying? (13)
4 Board to get penis turning over (7)
5 State taken by Trump supporter in sneak turnabout (8)
6 Fan, one who murmurs softly about 'Merkel's end' (6)
7 'Pussy and boob' sort of bird (6)
8 If wankers miss twisting round end of willy, it has multiple uses (5,4,5)
9 Mate with devil, suppressing resistance (6)
10 Reluctant car crash victim's listed (11)
11 Branch wants Corbyn's number two's oblivion (5)
16 Reality TV father with blue-eyed boy (3,4)
20 Making use of the remote rigs – fun to go crazy (7)
22 Prisoner's familiar, but not getting it up (6)
24 Idle Donald's second to enter dive (6)
25 Element of Dacre's sleazy plant (5)
26 Rogue cop scene covering up booze's milkiness (11)
27 Disown your impish character – be spartan (4,7)
30 Some Twitterer, unapologetic, put it out again (5)
36 These days of Brexit and Trump? Christmas you might say (3,7,4)
39 The Eye has reported spin (5)
41 Pacific island oxygen needed before one gets into handjob in reverse (7)
42 Hard worker wants jar – not pissed (6)
43 Crap keeps one quiet in Test (6)
44 Reg wouldn't pop out: parliament was not elevated by this (9,4)
46 Snot dripping onto ring – that's wrong (3,2)
48 Old-fashioned sort of Michael Winner: "Mad goer, ruined with sin, right?" (11)
50 Model screwing Posh, which attracts the kids (7)
56 Representative of second piss on Southern male (8)
58 Job etc: tweaking thingy (6)
60 Checking the duration of perverted sex on Dynasty (6)
61 Tartan trousers back to front – scatter! (5)
62 You can count on it ruining USA, holding back transport (6)
63 Soft and wet, producing stink in outskirts of Salisbury (6)
65 Trump's means of communicating Wossy's indulgences? (6)
69/2dn. Loopy thing madly keen to take top of fork in balls (4,4)

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