eye crossword
No. 614 by Cyclops
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1 Apparently an upper-class twit, George, involved with job scam (5,4-4)
10 Deflated by peer, Blair abandons broadcast – "Snake!" (7)
11 Corsets worn? Royal heir pissed off that Brenda does so? (5,2)
12 Rich Saunders? (5)
13 Hardly what the Tories got in June, so a massive descent (9)
14 Funny thing, to be an MP and almost put in an appearance (6)
16 Pervy rep, touching wives inappropriately, whiffs (8)
19 Couple, taking Trump's lead, discharged with a bang (8)
20 One caught short with drink is a 29 (4,2)
22 Working with a Conservative aristocrat, getting interim payment (2,7)
25 Bring up Vaz's source? Give it a miss! (5)
27 Two Conservatives taking strange oath, one like the state of the government? (7)
28 Out of control Trump (sigh, no leader!)
dumping millions for good (7)
29 Dodgy hen parties including one in drag (4,2,3,4)

2 Panic! Foreign article found in member (5)
3 Conservative getting on fishy group (3-6)
4 Gents not elected after start of ruin of the country (5)
5 Dramatic location, or senile resort? (8)
6 Wicked sex, enough to get by on (5)
7 Fancy assessing flatulence? (9)
8 It would calculate USA's ruin, being infiltrated by born again Christian leaders (6)
9 But not if topless, without a tabloid (6)
15 Number one spinner, fruity thing (3,6)
17 Mike Pence partly avers "diversification"? Other way round (4,5)
18 Electronic survey about POTUS: "No politician; civilization no longer" (8)
19 Member's position: "Corbyn's 'lead' bollocks – check" (6)
21 Idler's shit, full of rubbish (6)
23 Conservative leader blowing top – interrupt! (3,2)
24 A hard man ought to get screwed (5)
26 What might you be holding against Private Eye, wise guy? (5)

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