eye crossword
No. 611 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Transport stimulant (7)
5 Trump's odd love for masculine energy? Attitude that's just for effect (7)
10 Powerless to grab woman's dress, like Boris? (10)
11 See 24ac. 12 See 24ac. 13 Preserve time to sin with independent politician (9)
14 A day shift, one of Donald's regular ones? (7)
16 Twit collars retired member at end of debate – classic! (7)
18 Liberal in favour of Unite (7)
20 "Love aid? Bah!" snapped the prophet (7)
22 Craft shown by Brenda after Ecstasy-swallowing scare (9)
24/25/11/12 Avoid getting into debt when effecting a get-together of a couple of arses? (4,4,4,4)
26 Naive, off limits pics? (10)
27 Shout "Pence is in hospital" and scramble (7)
28 Press: "A grand English bygone time" (4,3)

2 Opponent making Tory an offer (9)
3 Plot involving two Tory heads holding back interest rate (5)
4 Island star turn, Katie starts getting tits out (2,5)
6/23 Potty item placed under orifice for start of booze session? (7,4)
7 Clover-like, shambolic Tories almost fled (9)
8 Filthy Conservative is ditched, looking rather red (5)
9 Exuberant former TV presenter knocked off gig economy company? (4)
15 Jogger getting on new student (9)
17 Glitter-like, with line in flashing (9)
19 Recruits go on the piss, led by Mark (5,2)
21 House likely to be discontented by this type of crook (7)
22 Look serious and admit following French (5)
23 See 6dn. 24 Brenda and Brian, say, joined secretive member (5)

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