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In the online version of Private Eye:
- Nobody knows anything... Fleet Street eats humble pie over Jezza
- Orange segments... Meet the DUP, Mrs May’s new best friends
- PEP talk... ‘Politically exposed persons’ who love UK shell companies
- Paul Foot Award 2017... See whose campaign took top prize!

In the latest issue of the magazine:
- Tainted blood: The 7-year-old victim of a secret guinea pig trial
- Brexit alert: UK farming faces a bitter harvest
jeremy-corbyn.jpg Election special
Vote Unquote: pundits on parade jeremy-corbyn.jpg
“It is a bold decision and one that affords Mrs...
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arlene-foster.jpg Democratic Unionists
Financial secrecy and the DUP arlene-foster.jpg
A HUNG parliament “will be a great opportunity for Northern...
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pep.jpg Politically exposed persons
Who’s who behind mystery shellcos pep.jpg
SCORES of “politically exposed persons” – overseas politicians, senior officials...
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Number Crunching
Seats by which Labour trailed the Tories in 2010 election, which Jeremy Corbyn wrote in Morning Star was ‘disastrous for New Labour’
Seats by which Labour trailed the Tories in 2017 election, which Jeremy Corbyn calls ‘an amazing response from the public... I think it’s pretty clear who won this election’
Crossword In This Issue
Win a cash prize
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Mediaballs In This Issue
All the latest gaffes
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St Theresa's In This Issue
St Theresa's
State Grammar School
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Strips In This Issue
Grim Up North London
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paul-foot Winner Announced
Paul Foot Award 2017
THIS year’s Private Eye Paul Foot Award for investigative and campaigning journalism has been won by Emma Youle of the Archant Investigations Unit, for her investigation in the Hackney Gazette of the borough’s enormous, but hidden, homeless problem – highlighting the plight of the thousands who live in temporary accommodation.
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page 94 ep1.jpg Podcast
Page 94, The Private Eye Podcast
Episode 28: Paul Foot Awards
The Paul Foot Awards return! A special episode from the awards ceremony for investigative journalism, including dodgy fishing quotas, dodgy Garden Bridges, exorcisms and more. Free press with every download!
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25th July 2017
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Genius Corbyn Gets Only Nine Seats Fewer Than Disastrous Neil Kinnock in 1992 – Exclusive to All Papers… I Have Always Thought Jeremy Is Wonderful, Say All Labour MPs… It’s the Sun Wot Had No Effect At All!... Pied Piper Captures Young Followers: Nursery Times… Enemies of the People: Mail Slams Unelected Members of the Public for Betraying Britain… That Social Media Terror Attack Cycle in Full… Sir Roy Strong: My Royal Secrets, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Tainted blood: The 7-year-old victim of a secret guinea pig trial
- Brexit alert: UK farming faces a bitter harvest

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