rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

The fallout from paying huge unlawful rises to senior officers and the chief exec tops £3m – just as possible service cuts loom of £9m.

An IT project that is late, over budget and paying the dad of a council officer’s godchild nearly £800 a day is ‘a model of behaviour’, says the cabinet member for finance!

Political support for a controversial £2bn demolish-and-rebuild ‘social cleansing’ deal with developer Lendlease seems to be evaporating.

Council lawyers have decided it’s absolutely fine for councillors to have their emails intercepted and read by unelected officers without their knowledge.

Tory Lord Bathurst is hoping for an early Christmas when the council votes on a plan to build 2,350 homes on 300 acres he owns on the edge of Cirencester.

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