rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

More on the freebies from developers and conflicts of interest to which long-serving councillor and former planning chair Robert Davis seems oblivious.

So. Farewell then director of finance Becky Hellard. As the last Eye predicted, she is leaving her job at the troubled ship and is not ‘on sick leave’ at all.

Oops! The councillor who is married to the council leader… and being investigated for failing to declare a pecuniary interest when voting for a development.

Council leader David Carr steps down after a vote of no-confidence from fellow Tories following a spate of controversial sackings.

The peasants are revolting after the Labour council decides to hand a third of Walthamstow’s public land to a developer who wants to build luxury flats.

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20th March 2018
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Mayrie-Antoinette Regrets Cake-And-Eat-It Remark… Torys R Us – Famous Brand Declared Bankrupt… Things Brave Trump Would Definitely Have Done Differently If He’d Been There… Putin Promises to Defend Ghouta from Foreign Aid Workers… Spy Row Latest: Was Corbyn a Sleeper for the CBI?...‘Shape of Watson’ Wins Top Prize – Oscars Round-up… Stocks of Snow Headlines Running Out Fast… Horrible Chicken Company Temporarily Stops Selling Horrible Chicken… Sir Michael Caine: The Sixties, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- Worboys & the PM: Theresa May’s sudden black cab U-turn
- Streetfighting man: Max Mosley’s latest bizarre lawsuit
- Firkin hell: Pubco scam that scrapes the bottom of the barrel

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