eye crossword
No. 606 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
9 Closet king wants tart – get a move on (4,5)
10 Jolly before this standard shag? (5)
11 Rule: our Tony Blair should be put in bucket (7)
12 'Unstable' no. 10 is causing stress (7)
13/15 Hilton contract? Trump got out of it (5,9)
16 TV commentator hugs disheartened Conservative who may have got stoned (6)
17 Blow your top after er, backing into semen (3,3)
21/3 "USA hot seat, as I screwed up a vast continental region" (9,4)
23 Beginnings of "landmark" (yawn!)
Conservative-Republican alliance? It doesn't suit everyone (5)
25 Battle for higher pay, as Trump seems keen to do? (4,3)
26 May's lead is more shaky – "Story of my life!" (7)
28 General course of May's address: "Nothing right" (5)
29 Group of luvvies like hugging Nick – they click (9)

1/27 Stuffing knocked out of Libdem: applause gets wild (consumer's indulgence)
2 Name one put on ugly rear is like a clear position on Brexit? (2,6)
3 See 21ac. 4 Public transport: complain bitterly on air (7)
5 Johnny-come-lately raises slapper (7)
6 Political hue of DUP when united with PM (mandarin, outwardly?)
7 Set off – getting leg over before it gets explosive (6)
8 Pissed off: train due (8)
14 End of willy to be placed between two articles in blade? Ask and I'll do it right away (3,3,4)
16 Cock-up by comic House leader – get involved (4,4)
18 European community fate ultimately in the hands of Thames crook? (8)
19 Obama has to take Republican taunt (7)
20 Document showing Independent and Express leaders spiked by manipulated Times (7)
22 Sexual desire at noon – time's pressing (6)
24 Clinton's behind email state secrets headings review (6)
27 See 1dn.

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