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No. 537 by Cyclops
£250 prize to the first correct solution opened on 2nd January 2015.

12 clues have two letter counts; the first count refers to one of a pair of 'Lookalikes' (arrived at by solving the clue) and the second to the other half of the pair (the entry to be made in the grid). These have all appeared in our Lookalikes slots during 2014.

Letters of these entries not intersecting with other clue answers are:

private eye crossword
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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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12 Immunity of drug-taking former member getting into trouble (9)
14/13 Actress's mobile kept in pee-hole (8,5)
; (7,5)
15 Planners screech "M&S about to go bust!" (8)
16 Model film star's orchestra not accented, fruit (5,5)
; (5,7)
17 Netanyahu is one old-time PM casting out dead (7)
18 See 64dn. 19 Piss almost taken out of Brenda, say, for her grand self-referencing? (3,5,2)
20 WC involved with a penile dysfunction – use a rubber? (4,5)
21 See 48dn. 22 "Bow – one has a record collection" (7)
25 Put down which Monica got as a parting shot from Clinton? (7)
26 Royal baby mould via singing comedian (6,6)
; (5,6)
31 Royal Bruce, the animated female lead? (8,5)
; (4,4)
33 Salmond's twitter: "Blair broadcast off air" (7)
34 Paper T-shirt front and tie arse's sporting (8)
37 Jagger, back of cab, in a pissed state? (6)
38 Balls stuck to right of chin, a sad victim of a dominatrix? (7)
40 See 42ac. 42/40 They're served by court activity? Bollocks! (6,5)
43 Nevertheless, as timely grandfathers go, not a complete arse (7)
44 Going topless, pulls – hangover results (5)
45 Verbose book, bizarrely blue (7)
49 Blue shade of political party suffering reverse (put in somewhere to rest)
51 Shabby stuff, including the end of Bieber's recorded item (5)
52 Overwhelmed, toppled when Labour's right wing intervenes (7)
53 Righteous community dipping end of todger in Fairy liquid (6)
54 Peer: "I've played with leader's butt" – pardon? (8)
56 Eminent performer, but head from Madonna rates poor zilch (7)
58 First Minister Salmond's first time in front of press (8)
60 Osborne right to do as told for the "Prime Minister of Mirth"? (6,5)
; (4,7)
62 Bloody hell, Boris finally gets in! (Independent Conservative Radical)
63 The old salt's ejaculation means dismissal (5-2)
67 Belligerent action from Russia ultimately: time to change course? (6)
69 Feature of Clegg's lot currently? Depressed on getting a lesson from experience, energy reduced (3,6)
71 Animated Dyke on "ass" (6)
; (4,6)
74 Sing the praises of Farage's second fast-track man (5)
75 Waste an opportunity and work for head (4,3)
76 Tebbit: 'Tabloid Queen', sexist writer? (6,6)
77 On show, large body on Scots girl restraining double Ds – Cyclops dives in (8)
78 Play new Tory app "Powerless without Right" (7)
79 Nine changes rendered and drugs removed – airbrushing? (9)

1 Money corrupted the law (6)
2 Lay out gusset for thong's mid-section (3,5)
3 City gets sod all raised by Colonel North (7)
4 High seas fun, late, is risky for lovers (6,3)
5 A grunt? No, a windy tree-dweller (9)
; (5,5)
6 Country's leader intervenes in this, or disaster? It won't fly (7)
7 Sticking points in chopper, as Hitler was prone to do (6)
8 Steaming in, pissed – "sex for one is a chore" (10)
9 Getting laid here for almost the very last time could make fleshpot race (6,2,4)
10 Parrot – or a tit I'm wobbling? (8)
11 It's thick-skinned like certain Irishmen (6)
13 See 14ac. 14 Beg to have oral sex – bishop finished with a joint (2,4,2,6,4)
23 What greedy MP expense-claimers do – i.e. rank badly (4,2)
24 Pulsating TV in for repair (front cover wedged inside)
27 Resistance evident in dire Blair event – head off, it's off-topic (10)
28 Scandal-monger? Piss off, piss off! (6)
29 Actress has screwed, with credit, many a time, as the Bard would put it (8)
30 The dummy getting fired for failing to elevate Westminster? (3,6)
; (3,6,2,7)
32 Simpson's boss married Scotland's bard, formally (2,5)
; (4,5)
35 Orange order entering to secure Ian's heart (9)
36 Support a bit of a pig's board activity (10)
39 Maybe Miliband acted ... to secure a 25% share of vote (5)
41 Idiot messed with Sly's hard, firm state (8)
46 Alongside cops collectively using strong-arm tactics (2,5)
47 See 71dn. 48/21 Foreign (permissive type)
johnny (6,6)
50 Which, in fact, came to Thatcher's rescue? Thank Ed's fall out (3,9)
55 Comedian King nodded off (3,4)
; (2,8)
57 Study into the bra elastic that's most worn (10)
59 Made to look an idiot, coming in pissed, Eye lost, I roll about (9)
61 Rogue taxi run round 'Journey's End' – lots of broken bones on view there? (1-3,4)
64/18 'You-Know-Who' screwed old Rev. Tom (9)
; (8,5)
65 Do a Paul Daniels, getting firm with a bunch of hacks right on Debbie's tail? (7)
66 Toothy thing managed to squeeze into a "hip creation" (7)
68 Booze-swilling explosive sexually attractive types (6)
70 Wife rings: "I've made a bit of a balls-up" (6)
71/47 Twitter disaster pop star, some heart-throb in thick earmuffs (5,6)
; (5,6)
73 Liberal 'green' Tory at last? Go! (6)
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